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THE HUMANS is a musical project consisting of 7 members with over 10 years of musical experience who have set a different target for what they offer the public. It's not just about entertainment, but about emotion translated musically through original compositions and more. Each member of the band resonates in the same mix of styles: pop-rock-dance-funk.

The combined portfolio of each musician's stage appearances (live, in concert venues, or in the biggest television shows in Romania) exceeds the experience of many long-established bands, with each name already having a recognized imprint in the collective memory.


Their music is not a mechanical act of performance, but a sharing of emotions, with no boundaries between the stage and the audience. Former members of the band Jukebox, THE HUMANS became known to the wider public in their current lineup with their participation in the show ZazaSing on Antena 1.



They have released several original songs, their first single "Îndură inima," in collaboration with the record label Roton and Adi Sână, and the song "Goodbye," composed by the band members, with which THE HUMANS represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon.

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The Humans Offer


Each event is customized according to the client's needs and preferences. Even so, THE HUMANS include the following elements for a complete show:

Full Show THE HUMANS x4 sets
High-end Equipment
Sound System
DJ for the entire event



THE HUMANS' playlist includes various musical styles suitable for a successful party, whether it's a wedding party, corporate event, clubbing night, or private event.


E-mail:  thehumansbooking@gmail.com

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